Subhabrata Chakraborty death case: Suvendu Adhikari skipped CID interrogation

News Desk: A CID officer on Monday said that BJP Leader of Opposition is not going to face the CID probe today in connection with the death of his bodyguard Subhabrata Chakraborty.

The officer said “He mailed us around 9.30 am, mentioning some political engagements due to which he was unable to come and meet our officers”

Another source said “After recieving his mail, CID held a meeting to plan out the next possible steps into the investigation, including whether another summons would be sent to him”

Subhabrata Chakraborty death case

Subhabrata Chakraborty had been living with other policemen at the police barrack at Contai in East Midnapur. On October 13, 2018 Chakraborty was found dead in his room. As per police sources, a gunshot was heard from Chakraborty’s room at around 9.30 am. He was found lying in a pool of blood and rushed him to Kanthi Mahakuma Hospital. The service revolver was recovered from right beside his body.

Chakraborty’s wife Suparna filed a fresh FIR on July 7. She said “I want a fresh probe. I want to know why my husband was taken late to Kolkata after finding him dead?”

“Until now I was unable to say anything as Suvendu Adhikari was a powerful. But now I feel my husband’s case needs to be investigated” she added.