TMC and BJP clash at Belgachhia, BJP MP Arjun Singh claimed attack by jihadists

News Desk: The area adjacent to the Belgachhia tram depot got heated up with BJP and Trinamool clashes. The saffron party alleges that BJP candidate Shivaji Singh Roy was beaten at the Kashipur-Belgachhia assembly constituency. He was taken to the hospital. BJP MP Arjun Singh’s car was vandalized. Police used batons to bring the situation under control. Later the situation is normal. According to police sources, the central forces fired 4-5 rounds in the air. The incident is being investigated.

Trinamool alleges that BJP MPs Arjun Singh and Shivaji Singh Roy went to the polls. There was no permission for the meeting. The situation became heated. During the altercation between the two sides, the soldiers in charge of Arjun’s security fired 4-5 rounds. There were no immediate reports of injuries in the incident.

BJP MP Arjun Singh said, “The meeting was allowed. The jihadists will not allow the meeting. They rushed in front of the police. My security guards tried to snatch the firearms. He was taking me by the collar into the alley. My security guards fired in the air and saved me. ”

Due to this incident, the traffic was stopped for a long time. Police brought the situation under control by charging light batons. The Election Commission has called for a report on this incident. Reports have been sought to find out who fired in the air in Belgachia.