After three hours of searching, Birbhum TMC President Anubrata Mondal was found in the Tarapith temple

News Desk: Commission and central force officials were unable to find TMC president of Birbhum, Anubrata Mondal since 11:30 am. Finally, at around 2 pm, he was found in the Tarapith temple. The commission again detained him.

According to sources, the commission has again issued a notice to him on Wednesday. It has been said that he has to remain under surveillance as per the instructions.

The commission said on Tuesday that he would remain under surveillance till 8 am on April 30. He will be monitored through videography. Besides, he will be accompanied by Central Forces and Executive Magistrate.

Anubrata Mondal then drove out of his house on Wednesday morning. He was followed by the vehicles of the Central Forces and the Commission. According to party sources, he first went to the party office in Nanur. From there he went to the party office in Lavpur. But shortly after leaving the party office in Lavpur, it was reported that the speeding car sped out of the road. Commission and central forces cars got stuck when other cars came on the road. Since then, Mondal’s car could not be found. He was finally found three hours later.