Another bomb explosion outside BJP MP Arjun Singh’s residence, accuses TMC of attempt to kill

News Desk: Another bomb explosion took place outside BJP MP Arjun Singh’s residence on Tuesday around 9:10 am. Singh tweeted that TMC backed miscreants are behind this attack.

A police officer said “Around 9.10 am, bombs exploded on a vacant patch of land, which is just about 200 metres away from Arjun babu’s Bhatpara residence”

“We are investigating the matter. Our officers are there” he added.

Taking this to Twitter, he said

“Bombs have been hurled in front of my residence on September 8 and today on the back side.

Miscreants are not afraid because they are backed by TMC and police.

Miscreants are roaming freely, police has become slave of TMC.

Neither I was scared earlier, nor I’ll be scared now”