Arnab Goswami shifted to Tajola jail

News Desk: The Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami got shifted to Taljola Jail by the Raigad police after they found him active on social media during his stay in the judicial custody. Inspector Jamil Shaikh of the Raigad crime branch, said “On Friday, late in the evening, we learnt that Goswami was active on social media, using somebody’s mobile phone”

He added “As the investigating officer of the case, I wrote to the Alibaug jail superintendent seeking an inquiry report as to how the accused, Goswami, got access to a mobile for use in the quarantine centre under Alibaug jail authorities”

Goswami shouted from inside the police van “My life is in danger, please tell the courts to help me. When I wanted to speak to my lawyer, I was assaulted in jail by the jailer”

Taloja prison superintendent Abasaheb Patil denied the allegations of assault at the quarantine centre-cum-jail. He said “CCTV camera surveillance at the quarantine centre will lay bare the lies of accused Goswami’s allegations of assault on him”

Inspector Shaikh said “We feared that Goswami would again get access to a mobile phone if lodged in Alibaug prison, that’s why we sought permission from higher authorities to shift him to Taloja. Subsequently, we submitted a letter to the Alibaug jail superintendent on Saturday and shifted the accused Goswami on Sunday morning”

A source at Alibaug jail said “Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, visitors are not allowed to meet the accused lodged at the quarantine centre and that’s why detainees are provided a mobile phone to talk to their relatives. Under jail rules, an accused is permitted to talk to his lawyer or family member from a phone provided by jail administration. Whenever a mobile phone is provided to an accused in judicial custody, the name of the on-duty jail staff, the date and time are recorded in the daily register. It will be mentioned in the inquiry report to be submitted to the case investigating officer”

A senior IPS official said “In Arnab’s case, it was found that he used a cell phone but was live on Facebook for two hours. We are looking for the link, we have called for a report from jail administration”