Bengal post poll violence: State BJP to form special teams to help victims; TMC opposes the move

News Desk: Bengal BJP to form special teams in districts to help post poll violence victims in the state. Committees will be formed in districts and there’ll be a professional advocate to ensure that the victims of violence or their family members are able to interact with CBI officials without hurdles and record their complaints.

Team structure

The BJP said “Each committee will have five members – district president, three prominent members of the district committee and a lawyer. After a series of attacks, the morale of BJP workers is totally down. So, this is an attempt to boost their falling morale”

“In most of the cases the victims are illiterate and poor and they don’t have any idea about the legal aspects. They did not even face any investigating agency before and naturally it will not be easy for them to face an agency like the CBI. To facilitate the process so that they can speak to the agency in a proper way our team will assist them in every possible way” they added.

When asked whether it would be legally correct to assist the victims, the leader said “We will not be present when the CBI officers will visit them. How can it be incorrect to help someone in need? They are our party members and it is our moral and ethical responsibility to be on their side”

Why TMC opposed the move?

The ruling TMC has already opposed the move, claiming partisan approach in a court-directed inquiry. They also alleged that this is a direct attempt to influence investigating CBI sleuths. “This is quite natural for BJP. However, they might try all kinds of conspiracies but nothing will work. People of West Bengal, who want development, will reject them. And the truth is that most of the people who were killed in post-poll violence were associated with the TMC. However, CBI sleuths have not visited their residences” a TMC leader said.