Bengal SSC Scam: TMC leader Partha Chatterjee removed as a state cabinet minister

Debjit Mukherjee, Kolkata: TMC leader Partha Chatterjee has been removed as a state cabinet minister, stated an official order issued by the Mamata Banerjee government on Thursday. The TMC supremo will now look after the departments, which Chatterjee used to handle, for the time being.

Shortly after this, TMC national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee told media “He has been suspended for the duration of the investigation. He can come back if proven not guilty”.

He also said “There will be zero tolerance for corruption. Investigating agency must complete the probe within the time limit. Even in Sarada case nothing happened, it’s just lingering. There should be a time-bound investigation”.

“The one from whose house sums of money were recovered isn’t from TMC. We want stringent action against those who are linked to this matter. I am saying this in a hypothetical way that if Partha Chatterjee goes to BJP after two months then he will become a saint. Since he is in TMC, all of these things are happening” he added.

Admitting that huge sums of money had been recovered, Abhishek Banerjee said “TMC is the only party that intervened within seven days in the matter”.

“I agree huge sums of money were recovered. But, everyday bank frauds are happening what action did BJP take? Nirav Modi flew away, did BJP sack Nirmala Sitharaman, it’s TMC who walk the talk” he said.

He also took a dig at BJP leader and actor-politician Mithun Chakraborty that 38 TMC MLAs were in touch with the party.

“Mithun Chakraborty doesn’t even know how many Assembly seats and districts are there in Bengal. He just wants to brag about how big a leader he has become, if he wants to make a mockery of himself, then, so be it” Abhishek Banerjee said.

He also said that on Friday he will meet a team of job aspirants.

“The job seekers have been protesting for so long. I have spoken with their leader and on Friday I will meet with their team. I have assured them of all help within my capabilities” mentioned Banerjee.