BJP blames Congress over unfurling of Pakistan flag during ‘anti-farm laws protest in Germany’

News Desk: At a time when India has given a befitting diplomatic response to external elements for social-media-driven interference in farm laws, another incident has come to light, wherein a Pakistan flag was allegedly unfurled during a protest in Germany against the contentious farm laws. Photographs of the event were shared by BJP leader Suresh Nakhua, who alleged that the event was being organised by ‘Indian Overseas Congress office bearers’.

“Rahul Gandhi’s Congress is Hand in glove with Pakistan. Indian Overseas Congress office-bearers unfurl paki flag in farmer protest in Germany. One in blue is Charan Kumar who is holding the Pakistani Flag. One in red is Raj Sharma, an office-bearer of IOC Germany (sic),” Nakhua said in a tweet.

The post was further shared by other BJP leaders such as Vijai Chauthaiwale, on their social media handles. The development comes on the backdrop of ongoing claims and counter-claims regarding the involvement of Khalistan and ‘Pakistan-based’ elements in fueling the farmers’ protests in the country.

The government made the claims official, when, earlier this month, it asked Twitter to suspend 1,148 accounts that were being handled by ‘Pakistan-backed’ elements and foreign entities to spread ‘misinformation’ around the farmers’ protests.

A massive controversy broke out when climate change activist Greta Thunberg posted a ‘toolkit’ outlining a world-wide social media-driven campaign against the farm laws in India. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs was quick to counter and conveyed that the comments were ‘neither accurate nor responsible’.

What has added fuel to the fire have been uncalled-for comments by Pakistani politicians. For instance, Fawad Hussain Chaudhry, a minister in the Imran Khan government had recently targetted the Indian government and alleged that the BJP Government has no care for Punjabi farmers’.