In Keshpur, the TMC flag was torn down , Excitement, accusations against BJP

NewsDesk: Excitements flared in Keshpur over the tearing of the Trinamool Congress flag. On Tuesday morning, in the Bosan Chowk area of ​​Keshpur, Trinamool Congress workers woke up in the Morning to see who had torn down their flags in the dark of night.

In this regard, Keshpur Block Trinamool Congress President Uttamananda Tripathi said that the BJP’s goons were in the dark of night to create problems in the area.

BJP has done the worst kind of thing. In protest of this, we have organized a huge protest procession on behalf of the party in Bosan Chowk, Tin Chong , Akandi Battola area this afternoon. People are with Mamata Banerjee. No matter how much this kind of work is done, BJP will not be able to come to power in 2021.
BJP leader Tanmoy Ghosh has denied the allegations. He said it complete nonsense. Trinamool Congress workers are blaming the BJP and trying to heat up the market. Local Trinamool Congress leaders and activists say BJP goons have been trying to quarrel for a long time.