Blood donation festival on birthday in Keshpur

News Desk: The first year student of Vidyasagar University celebrated his birthday in a slightly different rhythm. At present the demand for blood is strong. At this time, various organizations have organized blood donation camps to meet the demand for blood from the blood bank, but the said blood donation camp seems to be an exception. Vidyasagar University student Sumon Bhuiyan had his 23rd birthday today.

30 people donated blood in the camp. Just as 55-year-old Ashok Ghosh donated blood, 22-year-old Riya Ghosh also donated blood.

The camp was attended by West Bengal Voluntary Blood Donors Forum Medinipur Branch Chairman Asim Dhar, Keshpur Block Voluntary Blood Donors Forum Secretary Fakruddin Mallick, Keshpur College Professor Researcher Dr. Shantanu Panda, Sumon’s father Gopal Chandra Bhuiyan, mother Shyamoli Bhuiyan, Mamadadu Kanai Satara and other prominent people.

The “Blood Route Organization” has extended a hand of cooperation. Perth Pratim Mallick, Rakesh Ghosh, Deepak and Chinmoy were present. The event was jointly organized by Sumon’s family and her uncle’s family. Family members also donated blood. This was the message that a blood donation program should be held at family functions.