CBI investigated how the four youths flee

News Desk: On Tuesday the CBI team visited the Bulgadhi village of Chandpa Kotwali area of ​​Hathras to find out if someone has seen how the four youths flee. The houses of main accused Sandeep and Ravi and Ramu are in the same premises. The house of another accused is at some distance from the house of these three. 

On reaching the house of the accused Sandeep, he first inquired about the residence of his family. The team also reached the first floor of the house and the roof of the room built on it. It is seen from here that the distance of the field is. The team tried to find out if there was anyone on this roof when the incident happened. After looking around on the roof, the team came out of the house.

They went to the backyard and then visited the fields to ask if someone has seen the four of them running away after the incident. People said that at that time the millet crop was standing.

The CBI also spoke to the mother of one of the accused in the Hathras case, who was said to be a minor, while returning on Tuesday. On asking about her son’s studies, the mother named the school. According to the high school marksheet of this accused, he is not yet 18 years old.