Firhad Hakim hits back at Sayantan Basu over ISI agent remark

News Desk: Transport and housing minister Firhad Hakim, on Sunday, hit back at BJP general secretary Sayantan Basu over his ISI agent remark. He said that BJP does politics of communalism and they divide people on lines of religion.

“I don’t feel an urge to engage in such politics of communalism”: Firhad Hakim

“Just because my name is Firhad Hakim, can they put such labels on me? I don’t feel an urge to engage in such politics of communalism. Unlike them, we do not need to divide people on the lines of religion. People love us for the work we do.

The KMC ward, which elected me with a record margin, has around 60 minority voters. Had he understood this, he would have won at least one election. I seek votes for my work. I am religious at heart but believe in secularism. My country and its people always come first”

Reaction of Kunal Ghosh and a close aid of Mr. Hakim

Condemning such remarks TMC general secretary Kunal Ghosh said “First BJP lost the polls; now, they have lost their mind. Agents are not based on their names or surnames. This is a new low in politics”

Antu Dhar, a close aid of Mr Hakim said “BJP and it’s leaders should first learn about the Hakim family before speaking”

What was Sayantan Basu’s ISI agent remark all about?

Speaking to the press in Salt Lake on Sunday, Sayantan Basu said “Bobby Hakim is not a Bengali. People in his area call him an agent of ISI”

“Does he think that people have forgotten his Mini Pakistan statement that came out in a Pakistani newspaper? Moreover, he is not a Bengali himself. How can he brand the BJP as a party of non-Bengali-speaking people?” he added.