“Her mother and brothers falsely accused me”: Hathras accused

News Desk: The main accused in the Hathras gang rape incident said that he and his friends were framed. He wrote a letter to the UP police that the girl’s family was against their friendship and call records showed more than 100 calls between the accused and the girl’s brother and the main accused.

He said “On the day of the incident, I had gone to meet her in the fields that day where her mother and brothers were also present. I returned home after being asked by her to do so. I then started feeding cattle”

He added “I later got to know from the villagers that her mother and brothers beat her up over our friendship, injuring her badly. I have never beaten her or done anything wrong with her. Her mother and brothers falsely accused me and three others and sent us to jail. We’re all innocent.  Request you to please investigate and get us justice”

Alok Singh, Senior Superintendent of Aligarh Jail said  “They sent their letter to the Hathras Superintendent of Police yesterday evening. As per law, we have sent to the Hathras Superintendent of Police… They have put forth their version. Now the investigating agencies will see”

The victim’s father said “I have lost my daughter. Now they are trying to malign us. We are not afraid. The allegations are totally false. We don’t need want any compensation or any money. We want justice”

On this Priyanka Gandhi Vadra tweeted “Creating a narrative that defames a woman’s character and holding her somehow responsible for crimes committed against her is revolting and regressive”

The Special Investigation Team said “We have no contact with them. We have only one phone in the home. If the police has the audio of the calls, they must produce them”