Jadavpur student death: Recovered letter hinting political struggle created stir

Debjit Mukherjee, Kolkata: “Not only a ‘target’ of mental torture, but the accused wanted to make the student of Jadavpur a fodder for political struggle”, the letter contained in the diary recovered from the hostel room has created a stir. The letter was written to the dean against a student leader of the Bengal department. Other political organizations have influence in the Bengali division. Sourav Chowdhury and the accused were desperate to break that influence.

The Bengali department student made arrangements for the deceased student to stay in the hostel as a guest. On the day of the incident, the accused started pressurizing the student to write a letter against the student leader to the dean. But the student was not willing to write that letter. Investigators learned that if he did not agree to write the letter, then Deepshekhar wrote the letter. At the bottom of the letter is the signature of the student. He was forced to sign it. That is the assumption of the investigators. Although the signature was indeed done by the deceased student or someone else forged his signature, it is also being seen.