Mamata Banerjee announced beneficial schemes at an administrative public meeting in Khatura

News Desk: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the new program at an administrative public meeting in Khatura, Bankura. The new project has been named ‘Duare Duare Sarkar

The Chief Minister said the work under this new project will start from December 1. It will continue till January 30. Under this project, camps will be organized by the administration in every block of the state from 121 pm to 3 pm every day. The shortcomings and inconveniences that the people will raise with the administration in the ‘Door to Door Government’ project must be addressed immediately. Whatever people want, they have to give to people immediately. If the administration does not have that opportunity at that time, the list has to be made. The facilities of public service projects should be made available to more people.

On the same day, the Chief Minister took a dig at the central government on the issue of unemployment from the administrative meeting of Khatra. “The center is recruiting in the name of various projects and as the project comes to an end, the children lose their jobs. Going unemployed“. The Chief Minister also joked that the center was frying fish in fish oil. She said “Corona has reduced salaries in many states. The Center has stopped MP Lad’s money. DA of central government employees has been frozen. Even salaries are being deducted once a month. But no one’s salary or pension has been stopped in the state. We have not lost the jobs of any of them. In addition, the state government has raised the age limit for applying for jobs. The upper age limit for general candidates has been raised to 40 years, OBCs to 43 years and Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes to 45 years. We have reduced unemployment by 40 per cent in Bengal”

Besides, the Chief Minister further said,

“1200 people were served today.

Get free rations till next June. We will have a government. We will increase the free ration again. The government will be ours.

We will work for you. Many will come before the vote. Pay the bank for the vote. Remember, that’s your hawk’s book. You will vote for us.

We get a share of the money from the center. Please don’t. Why 100 days of work money will fall in three months? We have not yet received the money for the BRGS project.

See today’s road. There have been so many good roads now. People think you can sleep on the street. I will tell the panchayats to work well.

Mukutmanipur, what was Khatra? Now look what happened! Stadiums, hospitals, all done.

Industrial work is going on here. Drinking water will reach more people in the next two years.

In case of death due to elephant attack, the government is compensating one of the family members with a job of home guard and 4 lakh.

The families of those who went missing in the Maoist attack, those who were not found even after 10 years, those who did not return, will also apply to the police.

Those who run the family only as priests, are currently being paid Rs 1000 as ‘Priest Welfare’ allowance. Later it will be increased to Rs 2,000.

In the ‘Mati Srishti’ plan, various works will be done by preparing soil in the dry land of Bankura. At present about 6000 bighas of land is being prepared. There will be employment for many children in the future.

The BJP can only sue and attack. The next will be Gamla. They will be thrown away like garbage.

They bring basmati rice from a five star hotel and eat it in the house of dalits. Although you said to sit in your house and eat! The curry that is cooked, do not eat that food! People have caught their hypocrisy.

Who is responsible for the rising prices of these items? Earlier, potatoes, potatoes and onions were under the jurisdiction of the state. The government of Delhi is the government of potatoes. They are not letting you eat. All fled with the potatoes.

Take away everything from peasants, dalits, tribals, minorities. And when he comes to power, he will say he wants NRC and make them out of Bengal.

Playing in the name of giving injections. It will take 6 months for the injection to come. We can also give injections. Just tell me, from whom to take?

Gave a garland to an idol in the name of Birsa Munda. Also broken the idol of Vidyasagar. They’ll come again with a garland and lie. It can’t be. Birsa Munda’s birthday will also be a holiday in the upcoming days.

There are some bad guys who go to work. Seeing one person and seeing the whole work does not work. 2 out of 10 people can be bad when it comes to work. Don’t think badly of the rest for 1 percent. Comes from BJP, CPIM. I do not tolerate injustice. Complaints actually tell me to take action”


Mamata Banerjee also introduced ‘Karmai Dharma’ project. She said “People who sell fish have a cold box on the back of their bicycles and sell it in the area. We have planned, we will arrange a bike for two lakh children from the Co-operative Bank. And there will be a box on the back of the bike. You can put sari in that box and sell it. Someone can take clothes and sell it. Someone can take potatoes and onions and sell it. It will work in different ways and we are naming that project Karmai Dharma. That means no work is bad