Mamata Banerjee: BJP government of Tripura took away the job of more than 10,000 teachers

News Desk: After the attempt to suicide incident of five teachers a few days back, West Bengal chief minister, Mamata Banerjee said that the BJP government of Tripura took away the jobs of 10,323 teachers.

The BJP alleges that TMC is taking interest in the state of Tripura’s teachers as its eying at North East in upcoming elections. TMC General Secretary Kunal Ghosh earlier wrote on social media, “before doing politics please answer why 10,323 teachers have lost their job? What was BJP doing? A lot of teachers have died, please consider their demand first and then drama.”

Dilip Ghosh BJP State President immediately reacted to this tweet stating “These teachers were all recruited by CPIM. There was court direction still our Chief Minister kept them, there is no suicide.”

Teachers issue of Tripura 2010

The issue of Tripura’s teachers goes back to 2010 when a huge recruitment drive was run to hire over 10,000 teachers in both primary and secondary schools. The recruitment process was marred by controversy when 462 teachers were found to be non-eligible.

One of the teachers Ashim Pal said, “It was found that 462 cases had problems. In 2014 court directed that teachers whose recruitment had issues should be discontinued after December 31st. They also said that an exam can be taken to retain these teachers. The left government did nothing and we who are not part of that 462 too have lost our job.”

Teachers alleged that even though BJP in its manifesto said that it would give jobs to the teachers, it has not done anything in this regard.

Deepak De another teacher from Unnokuti district in Tripura said “We have lost our jobs, they promised to help us but now they are not doing anything. About 106 teachers have died. Where will we go?”