Mamata Banerjee blasted at BJP at Midnapore rally

News Desk: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee blasted at arch rival Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday while addressing a rally in West Midnapore district. In presence of TMC MLAs of the district she accused the arch rival of using money power to dethrone the opposition parties. She said

“We are not like the BJP which is using its moneybags to dislodge opposition-run governments in states and trying to break opposition parties. TMC will not surrender before the saffron party. We will not give anyone any chance to attempt to blackmail and bargain TMC before the polls. Those who are corrupt are now joining the BJP. CPI(M) goons now have switched sides and are working as cadres of the BJP.

The BJP is a party of outsiders. We will never allow outsiders to take control of Bengal, people will resist such attempts. We don’t believe in Bengali-non-Bengali politics. Both are our brothers and sisters…If goons from outside come terrorize you, all of you should put up a united fight against them. I would rather stay in jail than remain silent or put up with BJP’s misrule. 

No matter how much work we do, our policies are always labelled bad. Rafale scam wasn’t bad, PM CARES fund which does not divulge its details isn’t bad for them (BJP) but they want an account of Amphan cyclone damage here”

Banerjee also forwarded her helping hands to support the farmers protesting against the three ‘anti agricultural’ farm bills. She said

“The center should immediately withdraw the farm bills or step down. It should not continue to remain in power after sacrificing the rights of the farmers. TMC do not support bandh We are supporting the demands being made by farmers tomorrow. I have not forgotten Singur. I have not forgotten…I am promising full support to farmers” 

In addition she also announced that the state government would continue to dole out free ration beyond June next year, after the TMC returns to power for the third consecutive time. She further added

“The state cabinet has approved the construction of a deep seaport in Tajpur. It will be built at a cost of Rs 15,000 crores, generating employment for 25,000 people. It will be the state’s first deep sea port”