Mamata Banerjee Raiganj Stadium Speech

News Desk: In a public meeting at Raiganj Stadium of North Dinajpur, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee attacked her arch rival Bharatiya Janata Party. She accused the BJP of rioting and claimed that winning Bengal is not going to be easy for them. Here’s what she said at the stadium.

TMC workers have to keep their heads high. They must serve people. If anyone thinks that he is a big leader, then he is wrong. TMC never bow it’s head before anyone and gives tickets.

I gave responsibility to few, but they left after taking all the benefits. After becoming tiger from rat, they tried to attack the sage. There are three kinds of people in politics – greedy, suffering and sacrificing. Leave those who are greedy.

BJP has a lot of money and that’s why they are very arrogant. But people is more valuable than money. Character can’t be created with money. BJP is thinking that any how they’ve to win Bengal. But it’s not that easy. It’s not Delhi Ka Laddu.

The leader of the country should be like Mahatma Gandhi and Netaji. Why would a leader lie? BJP turns day into night, night into day.

They say that they love religion. But ‘I love religion’ doesn’t look good in the mouths of those who kill people. 

We’ve seen gods riding in chariots. Now the giants are making chariots like hotels. The BJP is very angry with me. They want to remove me and control Bengal from Delhi. But it’s not easy. We don’t bow our heads before anyone. 

BJP leaders are doing Rath Yatras. Are they bigger than Lord Jagannath? Gods have left and BJP leaders came. Ravana also came in a chariot and abducted Sita. They sold the chariot. In that chariot, they are rejoicing with facilities of 10 star hotel. They’ve disrespected the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath. The BJP is committing atrocities in the name of religion.

They are sitting at home, making fake videos and sending them to WhatsApp. The BJP says women in Bengal cannot step outside their homes. Dalits are killed in Uttar Pradesh. BJP leaders have no idea about the heritage of Bengal.

I consider myself as a worker. I consider myself as an ordinary people while running the government. Then you will see the dilemma will be removed from the mind. A political party is about many things. There are many religions and castes.

Biryani, meat-polao, kebab everything inside the chariot. They made a chariot equal to 10 floors. Everything was ready, starting from decoration to relaxation to music like 10 star hotels.

The state government is giving everything from Swasthya Sathi to free rations. BJP gives promises, but they don’t work to fulfill those promises. They are just rioting. They put a garland on someone else in the name of Birsa Munda. 

BJP said that they will give 15 lakhs and fled. But we did what we said. You’ll feel spicy if you consume chilly. You’ll do riots and we’ll not say, that’ll not happen.

I made the hospital in Kaliaganj of 300 beds. All arrangements have been made to set up a medical college in Raiganj. I am setting up 200 schools to study Rajbangshi language. I am doing 500 schools for Alchiki language and separate schools for Hindi and Gorkha languages.

They don’t know the birthplace of Rabindranath Tagore. Our government will give free rations. Special centers are being set up for the spread of indigenous languages. BJP does not see good work in Bengal.

TMC can provide security for minorities. There is no need to see who the candidates will be. I will not nominate those who can change parties.

Unemployment has increased by 40 per cent in the country, and poverty has been reduced by 40 per cent in Bengal. We’re No. 1 in steel development, small scale, agriculture, 100 days work. 

Today the Congress-CPM BJP has become one. Jagai-madhai-bidai- we’ve to say goodbye to all the three. 

Earlier three persons used to smoke a bidi. How much money now. We say Hare Krishna Hare Hare, Trinamool Ghare Ghare. And they say – Hare Krishna Hare Hare, Taka Churi Kare Kare. If you give money, take it. Don’t vote for BJP. We will not let Delhi rule Bengal, we will stop them.

Amphan has gone, people have won. Covid has escaped, people have won. You will not be in any danger while we are here. We want to give free rations tomorrow. Our government will give free rations. Para teachers’ salary increase by 3 percent per year”