Mamata Banerjee was seen moving pickaxe and listening to villagers

News Desk: Last year, Mamata Banerjee was seen cooking khichuri with a pickaxe during Kali Puja at home. On Wednesday, the state chief minister again took up the issue. On the way back from Bolpur, she went to a tea shop in the local village of Vallabhpurdanga and asked the shopkeeper what was being cooked. After that she was seen moving the pickaxe. She also talked about various things with the woman in the tea shop. Want to know if you have received a health card.

On her way back from the political program in Bolpur, Mamata Banerjee joined the villagers. On Wednesday, the Chief Minister got out of her car on her way to the helipad at the end of Vallabhpurdanga village. She talked to the villagers for a while. The villagers complained to the Chief Minister. There is a problem of drinking water in the village and the roads are dilapidated. They also said that. The district magistrate was next to her. District Trinamool president Anubrata Mandal was also present. Expressing anger, the Chief Minister directed them to take necessary action.

After that she walked with the villagers towards the corner of the village. There are two tea shops as well. A Babu Bagdi and Menka Bagdi. And another Chandana Bagdir. First, the Chief Minister entered Menkar’s shop. At that time a curry was being mixed with potatoes and barbati. Knowing that from Menkar, the Chief Minister started cooking with a pickaxe in her hand. The shop was surrounded by a crowd of villagers. Mamata spoke to Babu and Menka Bagdi while shaking the pickaxe.

Chief Minister also had tea from the shop. Speaking on the occasion, Menaka said, “She gave a 500 rupees note after eating richa. I was surprised. I told her that the price of tea is not so much. Shethen said that she should eat sweets with that money. ‘ That problem has been solved by informing the local grassroots leadership. However, the electricity connection has not reached my shop yet. I told that to her. She asked us to submit a petition assuring him that the problem would be resolved

Chandana Bagdi’s tea shop next to Menka’s tea shop. Mamata also went there that day. Chandana is also suffering from lack of electricity. She informed the Chief Minister about that today. Besides promising to solve the problem, Mamata Banerjee went to the helipad after giving a Rs 500 in the hand of a child sitting in Chandana Bagdi’s shop.