Meeting with Telugu at Kharagpur

News Desk: Complaints have been heard. Problems will be resolved in a timely manner. In a meeting of Telugu speakers of the city held in the auditorium of Andhra High School in Kharagpur, the leaders of the ruling party Trinamool Congress convinced the gathering in a similar fashion. In this meeting on the initiative of district TMC leadership, party district president Sujay Hazra, senior leaders Devashish Chaudhary, Ravi Shankar Pandey, Venkata Ramanna, Anjana Sakhre, Deependu Pal, A. Pooja Naidu, Jagdamba Gupta, Sarita Jha, Bonta Murali, Teacher leader Animesh De and Andhra Young Men Association president A large number of society dignitaries including Surya Prakash Rao were present.

In the meeting, the leaders listened to the complaints of the people, in which special focus was given to the problems related to the plight of the roads in the railway wards, the arrangement of lady doctors in the health units and the improvement of the service and the shortage of teachers in the Telugu schools. After listening to the complaints, the leaders assured to try to solve the problems after the prescribed procedure. It may be mentioned that municipal elections are to be held soon in the city.