Will Muslims remain safe if BJP comes to power in Bengal?

News Desk: ‘Religion Card’ has always been a key feature in the BJP politics. Especially in Bengal it’s quite evident these days. The ruling TMC party is known for ‘Minority Appeasement’ (basically labelled by BJP) whereas the arch rival BJP is known for ‘Hindutva’. But when it comes to secularistic mindset, the ruling TMC party chief Mamata Banerjee has received appreciation for her ‘secularistic leadership’. Anwar Hasan Pasha, who led the 20-strong AIMIM team that switched sides at the Trinamool’s headquarters in Kolkata, said “Mamata Banerjee is the most secular leader in India. She has championed the Muslim cause and has been criticised for it. She is the only leader in the country who was on the road to opposed NRC” 

But now the main question comes here “Will Muslims remain safe if BJP comes to power in Bengal?”

Earlier on November state BJP chief Dilip Ghosh assured safety of Muslims if they come to power. Ghosh said “Today minorities are also joining BJP. You will be the safest and most respected if BJP comes to power. You will live with respect and nobody will be able to raise an eye on you. Go have a visit to Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The condition of Muslims in any BJP ruled state is far better than what it is here. They don’t have jobs, business and food. As the State BJP president, I want to assure you when we come to power nobody will be able to threaten you. Every time they fear-monger about BJP”

Even before the end of November Ghosh also assured equal rights for Muslims. He said “We do not follow different policies depending upon a person’s status, political affiliation or anything else when it comes to distribution of benefits of schemes. Muslims of Bengal have benefitted from the various schemes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There has been no differentiation as done by the TMC government. You are respected citizens having same rights like Dilip Ghosh, and only the BJP believes in this ideology”

But things totally changed and created a suspense among minorities after BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya Thakur assured BJP victory in 2021 and ‘Hindu Raj’ in the state. Thakur said “Mamata Banerjee has come to understand that this is India and not Pakistan. Hindus are prepared to protect India. They will give a befitting reply. BJP will win the Assembly polls in that state and there will be a Hindu raj in West Bengal”

She added “She is frustrated because she has realized that her rule is about to end. She has gone mad”

Two different leaders of the same party and two different claims. In addition events like Telinipara riots and the Tikiapara massacre earlier this year also vilified the arch rival in the eyes of Muslims of the state and also raised questions on Muslim safety under BJP rule in West Bengal. At the same time announcement of housing and free allowances for Hindu priests, setting up of Dalit Sahitya Academy and most importantly the ‘Duare Sarkar’, irrespective of religion, by chief minister Mamata Banerjee had helped her to gain upper hand.