Murder threat to PM Modi and Yogi Adityanath by undisclosed Twitter user

News Desk: The Uttar Pradesh Police has initiated an investigation against an undisclosed Twitter user for posting a threat to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath by a bomb on the microblogging site. In a statement, Pramod Kumar Tiwari, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime), said, “The matter came to light, as we got information about this threat from UP 112 (police helpline). Somebody has made mischief on Twitter”

The Police has sought more information about the user from Twitter. Tiwari said as these accounts are generally fraud and wrong names are used, it would not be possible to reveal the handle before the probe was over the authentic name was found.

This is not the first time PM Modi or CM Yogi has received death threats. At the beginning of the farmer protests, several so-called protesters issued threats to PM Modi. On December 26 last year, it was reported that Bharatiya Kisan Union leader’s wife threatened to stab PM Modi with a knife. On August 8, security agencies had received an email in which a death threat was issued against PM Modi. In June 2021, out on bail, Salman called the Police and threatened PM Modi’s life.

In May 2021, a call was made to UP Police’s WhatsApp number, and the caller threatened he would kill CM Yogi in four days. In November 2020, a teenager was arrested for sending a message to the state’s emergency service that he would blow up CM Yogi.