“Neither SP or BSP have the right to speak about social cohesion”: Yogi Adityanath

News Desk: Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath said that SP and BSP has no right to talk about social cohesion in the state. He also said that both have advocated conflict between communities.

Adityanath said “Since when is the BSP a champion of Brahmin samaj? Their old slogans reflect their attitudes. Neither SP or BSP have the right to speak about social cohesion as they have advocated conflict between communities. They are trying to hunt for their lost social base which has come to the BJP”

When asked about corpses in Ganga scandal, he said “There are some things that are attached to tradition which were there in the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and Samajwadi Party (SP) rule as well. Under the Hindu traditions there are three ways of performing piacular rites — one is ground burial, cremation or water burial. There is a particular time frame where ‘agni sanskar’ cannot take place so people go for water burials or burials on the banks of the Ganga. After the implementation of the ‘Namami Gangey’ programme, we had tried to stop these water burials, and tried to spread awareness”

“During the second wave, attempts were made to restart these burials in the sand and water and as we were alerted we stopped them. You must recall, in Balrampur district, someone associated with the SP or Congress, took the body of his relative who had passed away in Balrampur hospital and he threw the relative’s body from a bridge into the river. We filed an FIR, and arrested the man. These things have happened in the past, in 2011-12, within a certain time frame when cremations don’t take place” he added.

On law and order in the state, Adityanath said “State police have taken steps according to the law in order to establish order. Justice has to be equal for all and we cannot look at it in the prism of caste, community. The gaze of justice should be the same for all. When we are in government, we must be ready to do justice for the law abiding citizen”

“We haven’t invoked NSA (National Security Act) in wrong cases, and we have provided the basis for why we have invoked NSA in certain cases, both in the courts and in the advisory boards. In most cases these have been validated” he added.

The chief minister also said “There should be rule of law and every citizen respects the law is important. It is nobody’s fundamental right to destroy public property. If they do so, then the State has the right to bring in a law to provide for restitution of that damage through claim over property”