“No other application will be considered in this matter”: Chief Justice

News Desk: The CBI is investigating the case of her death a few days after the alleged rape of a Dalit woman in Boolgarhi village of Hathras. Meanwhile, many petitions have also been filed in the Supreme Court. After hearing on Hathras case today i.e. Thursday, the Supreme Court reserved the verdict. During the hearing of a petition in the Hathras case, the Supreme Court has now directed all other hearings of the case to the Allahabad High Court.

The bench of the Chief Justice of India is hearing the matter. The hearing in the Supreme Court was on the petition filed for the CBI investigation, but during this time, the aggrieved party appealed to shift the trial to Delhi. During the hearing, the Chief Justice said that no other application will be considered in this matter. The court does not require worldwide consultation. During this time, the aggrieved party appealed to shift the trial of the case to Delhi. Chief Justice SA Bobde said during the hearing on the petition today that the Allahabad High Court should hear and take that decision, it will be better. In this case, the right to justice of any plaintiff is within the jurisdiction of Allahabad High Court.

The petition sought to order protection to the witnesses. The Supreme Court reserved the verdict on the demand for a CBI inquiry under the supervision of a retired judge. The hearing was on the plea of ​​the CBI or SIT to conduct a probe under the supervision of a retired judge. During this hearing, the atmosphere got a bit hot, when the victim’s lawyer Seema Kushwaha had to apologize after the Chief Justice was angry with Tokataki.

While the court was commenting, Seema Kushwaha, the lawyer for the victim’s family, once again asked that the trial of the case be transferred to Delhi. On this, the Chief Justice asked Seema Kushwaha who allowed you to speak in between. After this Seema Kushwaha apologized to the court.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta appeared on behalf of the Uttar Pradesh government in the Supreme Court. He told what has been done for the safety of the victim’s family. He filed an affidavit regarding this. It was told that the victim’s father, mother, two brothers, sister-in-law, grandmother have been given protection. With this, CCTV has been installed on the block in the village and outside the victim’s house. On behalf of the Uttar Pradesh government, the Solicitor General said that no outsiders and strangers should come in this matter. The victims, the government and the agency are all there again why there is unnecessary infiltration On behalf of the Uttar Pradesh government, the Solicitor General said that at present, the family does not need CRPF in terms of security. There is adequate security. With this, he said that we will follow every order of the court. 

Tusshar Mehta said that the name of the girl’s parents is being made public which is wrong in every way and is criminal activity. Appearing in the Supreme Court, Indira Jaising said that the family should be provided protection from the Central Security Agency. The Chief Justice said that we have heard the victim, the government and the accused, this is important. The rest will not listen to any outsider. With this much said, the court got up and reserved the order.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta also referred to Teesta Sheetalwad in the Supreme Court. He has applied to become a party in this matter. Tusshar Mehta said that Teesta has nothing to do with this case. Mehta further said that one cannot make money in the name of Hathras.