Opening Ceremony of Charukala’s ‘Chitrakalpa Sanman’

News Desk: Opening Ceremony of Charukala’s ‘Chitrakalpa Sanman’ at Altamira Art Gallery, South Kolkata.

The ones who attended:

  • Prominent musician Malla Ghosh and his wife Mallika Ghosh.
  • Prominent dancer and transformational lawyer Sayantani Ghosh.
  • Shri Amit Sarkar Mahasaya, the director of creation of Rash Behari, playwright and respected writer.

Rajdeep Das, the founder of the group, said, “In 2019, we started to follow the path of fine arts. We had organized such an exhibition in this gallery before. We still got a very good response. And even today we are involved in a great work of art in this short range. I am proud to be able to do that, moreover, we have overcome the poison of 2020 and moved towards a new beginning. This is the biggest thing. Since Corona still exists in our world, we have made it mandatory to wear a mask and use sanitizer here”

“And we, the Fine Arts family, are grateful to all the honorable participants for unveiling their latent talents at our side in the sanctum sanctorum of our art. We have this opening evening” he added.

More important members of the group such as Suneet Das, Srikanya Bhattacharya, Soumita Saha, Moumita Mandi, Mayukh Bhattacharya, mentor of the group and eminent painter Sumant Bhowmik and many other participants were all very happy and overwhelmed to be a part of it.

They also told us in advance that they are coming up with many more innovative initiatives in the future.