“PM Narendra Modi is the biggest dangabaaz in the country”: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee

News Desk: Addressing an election rally in Hooghly district on Wednesday, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and called him the biggest ‘dangabaaz’ in the country. She even thundered that Gujarat will not rule Bengal and challenged the arch rival to arrest all the 20 lakh workers including her.

She said “Khela Hobe….. The game will be between the BJP, Left, and Congress on one side and the Trinamool Congress on the other side. I will be the goalkeeper. Let’s see how many goals they can score. BJP will not be able to score a single goal. The Prime Minister is very clever. He writes his speech on transparent glass to conceal it from public view and then reads from it, makes speeches in Bengal. I want to tell him that you can’t win Bengal by speaking one line in Bangla”

She added “We have done many development projects. What has Modi done? They have threatened the media owners, do not believe anything the media says. All are fake videos. The PM is lying that there are no jobs. Comrade, you have sold the country. We are number 1 in poverty alleviation. 

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee also responded to the recent investigations by the CBI into the West Bengal Coal Scam. “You are entering my house and targeting own young daughters and daughter-in law who are 22–23-year-old. Our daughters and daughters-in- laws are all coal thieves and what are you, roaming around with coal thieves?  The five star hotel in which they do their meeting in Durgapur is the hotel of which coal mafia? Please tell this. Modi ji should answer why is Coal India being sold, railways being privatised, farmers are on streets” she said.

“We are being threatened by the CBI. But arrest and show us. Arrest all the 20 lakh workers including me. If you press me here, I will rise as a tree in Delhi” she added.

On the tolabaaj remarks, she said “They call TMC tolabaaj and you are biggest dangabaaz…. You will call other parties ‘tolabaaj’ and what are you a washing machine?”

She even thundered “The country is being ruled by a doitya and a danab. They will try to break our spine. They will infiltrate. They will grab Bengal. What do you want? Bengal to stay Bengal or whatever the BJP makes of it? Gujarat will not rule Bengal”

Several actors from the Bengali film industry and cricketer Manoj Tiwary joined the TMC at today’s rally before the upcoming election in the state.