Rahul Gandhi said GST is an attack on the poor

News Desk: In the midst of the growing Corona crisis in the country, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi continues to take an aggressive stance against the Modi government. The Congress leader again targeted PM Modi by tweeting once again on Sunday.

Rahul wrote in the tweet that there is another big reason for the historical decline in GDP – Modi government’s Gabbar Singh Tax (GST). A lot of it wasted like lakhs of small businesses, crores of jobs and the future of youth, economic condition of states, GST means economic apocalypse. Rahul also posted a video along with his tweet. This was the third video of 4 episodes of Rahul posting a series of videos.

In this video, Rahul once again raised the issue of disorganization of the unorganized sector. He said that the second major attack on the unorganized sector in the economy was GST. He said that the proposed GST on behalf of the UPA government was a simple tax. There was talk of a tax, at least tax and ordinary tax.

Rahul further said that NDA’s GST is completely different. He said that four different taxes with rates up to 28% are very complex which is very difficult to understand. Rahul said that small and medium industries cannot fill this tax and big companies can fill it easily.

Rahul also questioned four slabs of GST. Rahul said that the government wants anyone who has access to it to fill GST easily. Anyone who does not have access can not do anything about GST. He said that 15-20 big industrialists of India should have GST access. Rahul said that these people change whatever law they want to change in this GST.

Rahul Gandhi also targeted the GDA dues not being given by the NDA government. He said that GST has been in deep trouble for three years. The central government has no money to give compensation to the states. The Congress leader described the GST as a complete failure.