Samajwadi Party to ally with smaller political parties to overthrow BJP in Uttar Pradesh in the 2022 Assembly polls

News Desk: In a desperate bid to overthrow the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh, the Opposition Samajwadi Party has decided to forge alliances with smaller political parties for the 2022 Assembly polls.  Making the announcement on Thursday, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav accused the BJP of administrative failure and called on the people to vote for change.

“The BJP does not want to hold a debate on real matters like unemployment, inflation,” the former chief minister said. “After the formation of the BJP government, they forgot their election manifesto,” he alleged.

“In the Panchayat elections, BJP intervened administratively but lost. The District Magistrate has a free hand to change the result. People of UP want change and they will vote for change. Samajwadi Party will form an alliance with smaller parties,” Yadav said.

On Wednesday, the SP Supremo asserted that there will be a democratic revolution in Uttar Pradesh in 2022 against the current “disruptive” and “negative” politics. In a tweet in Hindi, Yadav said, “United against today’s disruptive, conservative, negative politics, new politics of exploited, neglected, oppressed, humiliated, Dalit, oppressed, deprived, poor, farmers, workers, women and youth is taking birth”.

“In 2022, there will be no election in UP, there will be a democratic revolution,” the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister said.

The SP chief has exuded confidence that his party would win 350 seats out of the total 403 seats in the assembly, claiming people are against the BJP government.