Silent governor! Is there anyone from other states in the search committee?

Debjit Mukherjee, Kolkata: Speculation runs high on Governor CV Anand Bose’s silence. He said that a list of members of the search committee for appointing vice-chancellors of the state’s universities has been prepared in accordance with the Supreme Court’s order, but he avoided the question whether anyone from other states would be in the committee.

He said, “The list of names of the members to form the search committee has been prepared according to the instructions of the Supreme Court.” After that he remained silent when asked if anyone from other states will be in the search committee. Also, when asked about the conflict over the appointment of vice-chancellor, he said, “Raj Bhavan is not a place for politics. It should be a place to be free from conflict.”

It may be noted that the conflict between the governor and the state government over the appointment of vice-chancellors in state universities continues. The Supreme Court itself ordered the formation of a search committee to resolve the conflict. The Supreme Court said, “No more unilateral appointment of permanent Vice-Chancellors. In order to appoint permanent Vice-Chancellors, the appointment of Vice-Chancellors should be done through discussion by forming a search committee. The State, the Governor and the UGC should propose the names of at least 3-5 eminent persons to be in that committee.” The committee is supposed to have representatives of states, governors and UGC. No representative has been announced by the state yet.

Incidentally, the governor has been repeatedly accused of making job done by officials of foreign states and the same is being raised this time as well. But governor CV Anand Bose did not completely dismiss the speculation. His silence raises many questions.