Rahul Gandhi pointed out multiple flaws of the Women Reservation Bill

Debjit Mukherjee: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi pointed out several ‘flaws’ despite supporting the Women Reservation Bill brought by the Modi government. He said, “For one thing, this bill seems incomplete to me. In my opinion, reservation for OBCs should have been attached to this bill. OBCs are a large part of India’s population. So women from that large section have the right to get reservation.” Not only that, Rahul also refuses to accept the fact that the government is saying that census and re-arrangement of constituencies are necessary for the implementation of this bill. He says, “There is no need for this. 33 percent seats should be reserved in the Lok Sabha polls now.”

He then said, “I know that with this bill, the government is trying to divert attention from many issues. Among them, of course, is the Adani issue. Another issue they are trying to divert attention from is the ethnic census. Whenever the opposition brings up this issue, the government is doing something to divert attention. But still, I would say it is a good step.”