Suraj, a mentally unbalanced youth from Bhagalpur, Bihar, was returned to his mother by Mugabsan resident and Target Welfare Society

News Desk: Local businessmen Sheikh Kalo, Sheikh Seriful Hossain, Sanjit Pal and Sheikh Ajibul called a young man and fed him, when he was in a state of mental imbalance, on Monday morning when they saw him walking around Mugbasan Bazar in Keshpur block of West Midnapore district. After a while, local textile trader and Imam of Amritpur Mosque Maulana Sheikh Mohammad Ebadullah and members of voluntary organization Target Welfare Society Shamsunder Pora and Sheikh Moinul Islam asked his name and he vaguely says his own name as Suraj and address in Hindi as Sultanganj Thana in Bhagalpur district of Bihar.

After hearing the name, the local youths searched Google and contacted the Sultanganj police station in Bihar. The police station informed that there was a missing diary with that name. Later the guy said a phone number. When they contacted that number, the family member of the young man’s house picked up the phone. Then the locals made a video call on WhatsApp and showed it to the mentally unbalanced young man, then the young man’s mother recognized him and started crying.

The locals were informed by the young man’s house that the locals should detain the young man and they were leaving Bihar to take the young man home. The young man’s mother, son-in-law and grandfather came to Mugbasan village of Keshpur police station on Wednesday morning. They were welcomed as much as possible by local businessmen, youths and members of the Target Welfare Society and their lost child was handed over to the mother. From Monday to Wednesday, the youth was under the care of members of Target Welfare Society Shyamsunder Pora, Sheikh Mohammad Imran, Sheikh Moinul Islam, Sheikh Sajjad Ali, local businessman Sanjit Pal, Sheikh Azibul, Imam Maulana Sheikh Ebadullah.

The young man’s mother thanked the young men of Bengal for returning her son. She also thanked the members of the Mugbasan Target Welfare Society, the mosque’s imam Sheikh Ebadullah and all those who arranged for his stay. The mother also said that her son had studied till secondary school. He went out to buy chicken with 200 rupees from home and went missing three months ago. The boy used to work in a restaurant. The family was also looking after his marriage. Shamsunder Porya, co-president of Target Welfare Society, Imam Sheikh Ebadullah and tea seller Sanjit Palra, who played a key role in bringing the lost child back to the mother’s lap, said it was a great pleasure to return the child to the mother. The locals salute the young guns for such an act.