TMC alleged BJP is indulging in malicious propaganda

News Desk: The ruling TMC party of West Bengal on Friday alleged that arch rival Bharatiya Janata Party is indulging in malicious propaganda and also challenged them to produce evidence to support their claim that TMC denied permission for Rath Yatra.

From its official Twitter account, the TMC tweeted “Govt West Bengal has not denied permission to any Yatra, as claimed by BJP. They are indulging in malicious propaganda with neither substance nor truth. BJP must show material evidence of GoWB denying permission to their Yatra. This is BJP’s attempt to claim victimhood”

In another tweet, they tweeted “A BJP functionary had sought permission from Chief Secretary, whose office directed them to local authorities. Meanwhile, a Public Interest Litigation was also filed regarding the same in the High Court & the matter is now sub judice. We thereby clarify that AITC has nothing to do with this issue”

The TMC’s rebuttal came hours after the BJP claimed that the former denied permission to hold Rath Yatra in the state.