Teacher Shaktipada Bhuiyan came forward to give blood to the emergency pregnant mother

News Desk: Blood donation is a great donation. Teacher Shaktipada Bhuiya came forward with a great donation. Murshida Khatun Bibi, a resident of Charkar in Keshpur block, has been admitted to Medinipur Medical College Hospital. This maternity mother needs “A” positive blood in an emergency on Thursday evening. The relatives of the patient got into trouble as there was no blood in the blood bank. They started contacting different places in search of donors.

Sk Monirul Alam, a resident of Charkar, contacted Sk Mahammad Imran, a teacher from Mugbasan. Teacher in Charge Shaktipada Bhuiya of Lepsa Junior High School in Keshpur block responded to Tuhin Babu’s call. Shaktibabu went to Medinipur Medical College Blood Bank around 10 pm and donated blood.

Tuhin Babu and social worker Fakruddin Mallick were present at the blood bank. Fakruddin Babu was trying to get blood for this woman from the very beginning. The relatives of the pregnant woman are very happy that Shaktibabu came forward to donate blood. They thanked everyone involved in the process, including teacher Shakti Babu and engineer Tuhinbabu. Note that, Murshida Khatun Bibi has given birth to a beautiful baby girl by lighting her lap, both the mother and the newborn are well.