The anger against “Godi Media” has spilled over onto social media

News Desk: As the farmer protests along Delhi’s borders have gathered momentum over the past week, resentment has bubbled against the media. The farmers are angry with sections of the mainstream media, especially the TV news channels Republic TV, Zee News and Aaj Tak, for seeking to discredit the protests. They have been shouting slogans against “Godi Media”, even chasing away reporters.

As is inevitable these days, the anger against “Godi Media” has spilled over onto social media. On Thursday, the hashtag #kisanvirodhimedia, or anti-farmer media, trended on Twitter. It was used alongside hashtags #SpeakUpForFarmers#TakeBackFarmLaws, and #Tractor2Twitter to condemn the coverage of the protests by the mainstream media.

Those who used the hashtag included prominent personalities such as Ramkishan Ojha, general secretary of the Maharashtra Congress.

The singer-songwriter Diljit Dosanjh did not use the hashtag, but he criticised “national media” for referring to the farmers as “terrorists”.