Three possible violence that might happen in Bengal before 2021 elections

News Desk: As the 2021 elections are knocking at the door, the two contenders – the ruling TMC and the arch rival BJP – are in their full preparation mode to win Bengal. The arch rival needs to defame the Mamata government to increase their vote bank and surely they are going to try their best to overthrow the ruling party. But before the 2021 elections here are the list of protests that might take place in the state.

Farm Bills Protest

The ‘Farm Bill Protest’ is an ongoing protest against the three contentious farm bills. In this matter, Punjab has been proven the best state in terms of protest. They did everything possible to make their voice reach the ears of the Central Government. The West Bengal government needs to declare their self made farm bills to counter the center’s bills and gather the support of the farming sections. A violent protest for defending farmers might take place in the state before the upcoming elections.

Protest on law and order and death of workers by BJP

The way the arch rival is accusing the ruling party on law and order and death of workers, it seems like they don’t have any problem with the schemes and policies announced by the state government. A ‘Nabanno Chalo’ like protest might happen once again. But still there’s a doubt that are TMC workers killing BJP workers or BJP workers killing their own party workers and putting the blame on TMC.

CAA Protests

From Union Home Minister Amit Shah to JP Nadda, the big heads have talked about implementation of CAA in the state. And the state government was always against CAA, so a violent protest on this is also highly possible. Even a riot (like Delhi) is also possible. The BJP will try their best to set Hindus and Muslims against each other.