Vegetable price skyrocketed

Natun Gati, Malda: The price of grains and leaves has skyrocketed, people are disoriented when they go to the market to buy vegetables. The way in which the prices of grains are increasing is really a cause for concern.

Onion prices have skyrocketed, tomatoes crossed century mark. Tomatoes are above Rs 100 per kg in metro cities. Usually during this time the price of vegetables are low. But this time, the prices have skyrocketed. The price of cooking oil is constantly fluctuating. Although there is some control in the price of potato and onion, now the price of potato is seen to be increasing for a few days. The price of pulses has also increased.

Traders said in this context that this time due to excessive heat, a large amount of vegetables got wasted to eat. The production was not according to the requirement due to the late arrival of the monsoon.