VHP’s objection on migration of Muslims from Afghanistan to India

News Desk: Vishwa Hindu Parishad Joint General Secretary Surendra Jain on Tuesday objected to the migration of Muslims from Afghanistan to India, adding that the VHP volunteers would prefer to help Hindus and Sikhs who have migrated from the war-torn country.

He said “Migration of Hindus and Sikhs are quite natural as they were in less number and after the Taliban took over control of the country as it has become impossible for minorities to live in Afghanistan. Our workers will meet and help them with every possible thing, but I object to the migration of Muslims to India.”

He further said, “Many people have come and took shelter here like Rohingyas from Bangladesh and now they are involved in terrorist activities. Muslims from Afghanistan should not come, they have no right. No Islamic country is ready to accept them. Now, who will be ready to take their responsibilities?”

“I believe that not all Muslims from Afghanistan have tortured Hindus and Sikhs. When atrocities were unleashed on Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan, the Muslims were mute spectators and clapping. Hence they are equally responsible for violence against the minority communities in Afghanistan. Supporters of the Taliban in India claim that Muslims in India are feeling suffocate so it is better they stay there itself,” said Jain.

Demanding Indian citizenship for Hindus and Sikhs who migrated from Afghanistan, he questioned Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and Akali leaders whether they support citizenship being given to Sikhs coming from Afghanistan.