“We promise to oust BJP from this country”: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee

News Desk: Addressing a public meeting in Bhawanipore, on Sunday, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee said that in the coming days, her party will fight against the BJP at the national level and will defeat them. Labelling the BJP as a ‘jumla party’, she alleged that the saffron party beats and kills people and does not save people’s lives.

Lashing out at the BJP, she said “BJP is the biggest jumla party in the country. It has only lies and hatred to offer. If you speak against them, they will unleash central agencies against you. They will remove your name from the list of citizenship in the name of CAA, NRC and NPR”

“BJP thinks they can do whatever they want just because they are in power. They don’t follow human rights and democratic rights in the states where they are in power like Uttar Pradesh, Assam or Tripura. So many people died in Covid in Uttar Pradesh but they did not allow cremation of those bodies and threw them in the Ganga. Human rights are regularly violated in their states but Human Rights Commission won’t visit these states” she added.

She also added “BJP has no humanity. They left migrant workers on road. They did not even bear the cost of train fare. We did. We paid train fares. We brought our people from buses. BJP beats and kills people. It does not save life”

She also slammed the Biplab Deb led BJP government of Tripura. “Even though BJP lost, yet they have no shame. They are indulging in hooliganism here and in Tripura. I have a video, in which a BJP CM is saying that he is above law. He says, he does not care about courts. We do criticize court judgments, but how can we claim that we are above law?”

“I have the video and if any citizen wants to lodge a defamation case against him, they can take it from me” she added.

She also said “You people made us win the Bengal election, now Bhawanipore victory will make a new beginning in our politics. In the days to come, we would take on the BJP at the national level and defeat them. We promise to oust BJP from this country”

Backing the farmers protest, she said “Tomorrow, there is a call for Bharat Bandh. Our party does not support bandhs. But we support their issue. We also want the three farm Bills to be withdrawn. If needed, then we will go to Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh to support their protest”

Attacking the center over denying permission to attend Peace Conference in Italy, she said “Many states do not take permission for these things, but I do as I maintain discipline and courtesy. I try my best to keep relations with External Affairs ministry good. I have always supported our nation on external issues. But you can not keep me silent. I was not allowed to participate in programmes in Chicago, China, Cambridge and St. Stephens. How many programmes will you stop?”

“The BJP government is jealous of me. From Bhawanipore I am saying that everyone should stay together and believe in brotherhood” she added.