West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asked EC to halt the deployment of special armed police from UP

News Desk: After being targeted at the Kanchi rally by PM Modi, Mamata Banerjee lashes out with accusations on the central Forces for bribing voters to lead by the BJP government. Earlier she had also alleged central forces for knocking up the polls and not allowing police forces anywhere near the polling stations.

While addressing an audience in Onda, Bankura suggested that the central forces be interrogated by the election commission and proper vigilance be regained. She raises questions on the need for the central force’s intervention in state elections and highlights BJP’s illicit moves for bringing in central forces and special armed police from UP and other states into WB for distributing money. Banerjee repeatedly appeals to the public to catch and inform upon Modi’s misconduct to get rewarded.

TMC simultaneously asked the EC to immediately halt the deployment of special armed police from UP as they believe that Yogi is misusing government resources to obstruct level playing. CM points to multiple stakeholders of this allegation including the railway ministry.