West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee slams center over its vaccination policy

News Desk: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee targeted the BJP-led Central government on Saturday (May 8, 2021) over its vaccination policy.

The Chief Minister, while questioning the Centre on its vaccination strategy, demanded a universal vaccine programme for all. CM Banerjee also added that Rs 30,000 crore for vaccination is nothing for the Central government.

“Rs 30,000 crore is nothing for the Central government… There should be a universal vaccine program for all throughout the country,” Banerjee said while addressing the state Assembly on Saturday.

The West Bengal CM had also expressed her concerns over the issue to PM Narendra Modi in a letter earlier.

CM Banerjee on Saturday also possessed questions on the Central government regarding the PM care fund.

“Why are they not allotting Rs 30,000 crores for vaccines when they are making new Parliament and statues, spending Rs 20,000. Where is the PM CARES Fund?” said Mamata Banerjee at the state Assembly today.

CM Banerjee also took a dig at BJP for spending huge amounts of funds during the state polls in West Bengal.

“BJP has booked so many hotels for its leaders, Ministers from Centre and other states. There was a conspiracy, all ministers landed here. I don`t know how many crores they spent on planes and hotels. Money was flowing like water here. If they gave vaccines instead of it, it would have been better for the state,” the Chief Minister added.

The Chief Minister also added that the youth of Bengal have once again elected Trinamool Congress for themselves and “It is a new morning for a party.”

“Despite the fact that there is no vaccine and no Oxygen in the state, we received a mandate now we have to work for the people of West Bengal battling with coronavirus disease,” the Chief Minister added.