West Bengal: ‘Ebar 25 par’ slogan for BJP keeping 2024 general election in mind

News Desk: West Bengal BJP president Sukanta Majumder has said his party will aim at winning at least 25 Lok Sabha seats in the state in the 2024 general election.

Majumder, after attending a BJP meeting, said on Sunday that the saffron party has coined the slogan ‘Ebar 25 paar’ (we will cross 25 this time) keeping in mind the Parliamentary election.

“Twenty five is our minimum target in the next Lok Sabha polls from West Bengal. From 18 seats at present, we will gift at least 25 seats to PM Modi in 2024” he asserted.

Reacting to Majumder’s assertion, veteran TMC MP Sougata Roy said the BJP leader’s claims show that he is inexperienced and has no idea of the ground reality.

“The BJP got 77 seats in the assembly polls, but with many of its MLAs having joined the TMC, the tally is effectively 70 now. By any arithmetic, the saffron party will not secure more than 10-11 seats in the Lok Sabha polls” Roy said.