5 injured in TMC BJP clash

News Desk: With the hoisting of the BJP’s flag, Potashpur took on the look of a battlefield again. Allegations of car vandalism and bombings surfaced against the Trinamool. Five people from both sides were injured in the clash. 

A few days ago, Kalipada (Madan) Ghorai, a BJP activist from Konakpur in Potashpur-1 block, fell ill and died in custody. The BJP held a mourning procession in Kanakpur on Tuesday over the death of Kalip. According to local sources, BJP workers were hoisting flags in Chakraborty Chakgopalpur area of ​​Potashpur on Tuesday afternoon for the march. Allegedly, local grassroots activists obstructed that work. However, BJP workers left the area with party flags. 

At night after the procession, BJP workers returned to the area and saw the miscreants tearing the party flag and throwing it on the ground. When BJP workers went to hoist the flag again at night, grassroots miscreants allegedly attacked them. A BJP supporter’s shop and a car belonging to a BJP supporter parked on the side of the road were allegedly vandalized. The BJP claimed that there was a massive bombardment in the area at night. According to local sources, there is a police camp near the spot. BJP’s Kanthi organizing district president Anup Chakraborty said, “Trinamool miscreants are bombing and vandalizing cars along with the police. If necessary, we will go to court against the inaction of the police. ”For now, the BJP has lodged a complaint with the police against the miscreants sheltered by the Trinamool Congress.

In the last few months, there have been multiple clashes between the Trinamool and the BJP in Sanya, Alamchak Belda and Chokgopalpur areas. To deal with the situation, a temporary police camp has been set up at Alamchak Kali Mandir for the last three months. On Tuesday, locals raised questions about the security of the area after allegations of vehicle vandalism and bombing surfaced in Chokgopalpur, near the police camp. Police are patrolling the area to avoid unrest on Wednesday. “We have launched an investigation based on the allegations,” said Mohammad Baiduzaman, SDPO of Agra. However, no arrests have been made so far. On the contrary, it is blaming the grassroots. We have also demanded the administration to arrest the culprits. “