Abhishek Banerjee detained by Delhi Police

Debjit Mukherjee: Delhi Police detained Trinamool delegation including Abhishek Banerjee inside Krishi Bhavan. Although the entire building was heated by their slogans.

That evening, when Abhishek, Mahua Maitra, Shantanu Sen, Dola Sen went to the Krishi Bhawan, the situation started to heat up. According to sources, the situation changed completely after 8:30 pm. A large police force entered. Although the Trinamool had a clear demand, they will not leave the place until their 40-member delegation is being met by the Minister of State for Panchayat and Rural Development Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti. But, ministry officials clarified that the minister will meet only five representatives.

According to sources, the minister waited for one and a half hours. Then he left the office. But, the representatives of the TMC are still stubborn in their position. In that situation, Trinamool MPs were immediately surrounded. The police brought them out from inside by practically dragging them.