“Call Didi Save India, Delhi Chalo” posters featuring Mamata Banerjee’s face in Kerala

News Desk: After Tamil Nadu, grand posters of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee with caption “Call Didi Save India, Delhi Chalo” have come up in Kerala.

Taking this in a positive spirit, TMC leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sukhendu Sekhar Roy said “The TMC now definitely wants to grow nationally and this kind of support certainly will boost us, Didi is being accepted nationwide as the saviour of the common man and the democratic institutions”

“The skyrocketing price rise of essential commodities, unprecedented joblessness, colossal failure in supplying oxygen and vaccination program; sale of banks, insurance, oil and mines sector, airports and Air India, ports and its huge track of lands across the country, 400 rail stations and hundreds of train routes, 28 PSUs, 15 ordnance factories, etc. to crony capitalists have since made the lives of common people and our young generation miserable, many of them can’t even maintain their animal existence, not to speak of living with human dignity, a fundamental right under Article 21 guaranteed by the Constitution of India to all Indian citizens” he added.

On the other hand, TMCs arch rival BJP said “All these dreams of TMC will never come true as Mamata will never become the Prime Minister”