EVM malfunctioning at Booth No. 172, TMC supporters set fire to tyres

News Desk: The first round of election in West Bengal started with a chaos. Malfunctioning of EVM at Booth No. 172 has been reported by TMC supporters. They claimed that they voted for TMC but their vote went to BJP. Local TMC supporters protested by setting fire on tyres. Although the booth’s presiding officer claims, this allegation is baseless. Observer of the vote arrived at the scene. After that the voting started at 10:30 am after the protest.

On the other hand, the Bhagwanpur assembly in East Midnapore has also witnessed vote rigging. The TMC demanded an answer from the Election Commission on how this is possible. The state BJP claims that all these allegations are baseless and fabricated. The Trinamool has been complaining for fear of losing.

On the other hand, the heat spread on Saturday in West Midnapore and within an hour the tension spread in the village of Chhotatara in Shalbani. Allegedly, CPM’s Sushant Ghosh, a candidate from Shalbani’s United Front, became victim of protest in front of the booth. His car was also vandalized. The finger of blame has been raised against the TMC. Allegedly, no Central Security guard was outside the booth at the time. Central Army personnel were inside the booth. Sushant Ghosh was accompanied by two policemen who took him out safely. The Election Commission has summoned the report of the incident. Seven people have been arrested in the incident.