“I will fight elections from jail and ensure the victory of the TMC”: Mamata Banerjee

News Desk: At a public rally in Bankura on Wednesday, Mamata Banerjee took a dig at her arch rival Bharatiya Janata Party. She labelled her arch rival as ‘biggest curse of the nation’ and challenged them to arrest her.

She said “The BJP is not a political party but garbage of lies. But let me tell them very clearly, I am not afraid of the BJP or its agencies. If they have the guts, they can arrest me and put me behind the bars. I will fight elections from jail and ensure the victory of the TMC”

She added “They are calling TMC workers and offering money. They are saying, we will give you 2 crore, come over They are telling an MLA, I will give you 15 lakh now, 15 lakh later. Is this a political party? They are a disgrace”

Referring to the recently held Bihar elections she said “Even Lalu Prasad Yadav has been put behind bars but still he has ensured his party’s good performance. The victory of the BJP is through manipulation and not through popular mandate”

Recalling the political violence during the Left regime she said “The communists have joined hands with the BJP to avoid arrest in the Sharada scam. The Left of the past has become the new BJP” 

She even assured that her party will again return to power with a bigger mandate.

The chief minister also took a dig at Union Home Minister Amit Shah. She said “Some outsiders are coming here to show Dilli Ka Laddoo. You won’t find them when you are in need, but they come during elections. The Home Minister came here at a tribal house and ate food brought from a five-star hotel. A Brahmin cook was brought to do a stage-managed drama. They have cheated the tribals. It was nothing but a photo-op to cheat the tribals of Bengal!”

She also accused the BJP of not releasing central grants. She said “They have stopped all central grants. They take our taxes from Bengal and act as if it is their own money. They are trying to loot the land of farmers, they have passed a new bill. They are constantly lying about central grants. I have written to them several times. I challenge them to show if they have really sent any money”