Shoaib Chaudhary called Arnab Goswami illiterate

News Desk: Arnab Goswami was left shocked as film producer Shoaib Chaudhary launched a stunning attack against the Republic TV founder by calling him ‘illiterate.’ This was during a debate on Republic Bharat TV channel over the Sushant Singh Rajput death case and the alleged drug racket in Bollywood.

No sooner had Goswami launched his debate with the normal theatrics, his attention was drawn by Chaudhary, who was seen holding a teacup and a biscuit in his hand. This was in a bid to mock Goswami since one of his representatives, Pradeep Bhandari, had allegedly addressed colleagues from his TV industry as ‘chai biscuit’ reporters. This had prompted other TV representatives to beat Bhandari up in public.

This prompted Goswami to call Chaudhary jaahil (illiterate). Perturbed by Goswami’s personal attack, Chaudhary began to yell at Goswami as he said, “Illiterate Arnab Goswami. I have never seen a bigger illiterate than you.”

This lead to a brief war of words between Goswami and his guest. Little later, Goswami warned Chaudhary to not take his name as he said, “It doesn’t look nice when you take my name. Don’t you dare take my name.”

The Republic TV founder also launched a tirade against Bollywood stars by making fun of their English. He said, “They say that ‘we are very cool because we converse in English. This is how we speak in English.’ My countrymen, do you know why they think we are illiterates. Because they have become arrogant. They have an arrogance about money, having access to baby Penguin and an army of lawyers, who charge fees in lakhs.”

Goswamy continued with his rant, “In afeemchiyon ko lagta hai (these opium consumers think) that they can manage the government, the NCB and judiciary with the help of money. They think they can buy democracy and judiciary. But, dear druggies, I will not let your plan succeed.”