Trinamool Congress martyrs’ memorial meeting in Keshpur

Sk Md Imran, Medinipur: On September 22, 2002, CPM leader Sushant Ghosh and his army brutally murdered a total of 9 Trinamool Congress workers including Ajay Acharya, Navkumarlaha, Swapan Singh, Sheikh Jalaluddin, Sek Dilwal, Shukur Ali, Sheikh Taj Mohammad in Keshpur block of West Midnipur district. Such is the complaint of Trinamool Congress. It is further alleged that after killing the dead bodies were placed on a bullock cart and buried in the dam of Benachapara Das of Garbeta block number 3 of West Medinipur district. But their bodies could not be recovered at that time. People could not open their mouths due to the oppression of CPM.

After the change of state in 2011, in June 2011, a lot of bones were recovered from Dasar Dam in Benachhapra area of ​​Garbeta block number three.
Ajay Acharya’s body was found in the DNA of the bones. Ajay Acharya’s son Shyamal Acharya and his family filed a complaint against 44 people including the then state minister Sushant Ghosh of Anandpur police station. After that, the police arrested several people including Sushant Ghosh. . CID took charge of that case. Sushant Ghosh is now out on bail in the case. In 2011, the Trinamool Congress built a martyr’s altar in Piyashala village to commemorate those 9 people. Since that day, every year on September 22, Trinamool Congress organizes a Martyr’s Remembrance program in Piyasala village.

Martyr Ajay Acharya’s son Shyamal Acharya while giving a speech on Martyr’s Day said that CPM played Holi with blood, and his father had to give his life in that Holi game. He also said that the guilty will be punished

On this day, Keshpur block Trinamool Congress newly nominated president Pradyut Panja, vice president and martyr Ajay Acharya’s son Shyamal Acharya, Keshpur Panchayat Samiti president Panmani Murumu were present on this day.