Uttar Pradesh: BJP MLA Raghvendra Singh defeated his anti-Muslim speech video that went viral on social media

News Desk: UP BJP MLA Raghvendra Singh defended his anti Muslim speech which went viral in the middle of assembly election.

In a video, he said “When there were Islamic terrorists here, Hindus were forced to wear gol topis. I said ‘conditional’. I am ready to sacrifice anything for Hindu pride. I meant that if Muslims are trying everything they can to defeat me, I will not stay silent”

The UP police said that they have filed a case against the BJP MLA for his hate speech.

In the video it was seen that Singh said “If I become MLA again, like gol-topis have vanished, next time the miyan log will wear the tilak. For the first time so many Hindus are contesting from the constituency. Will there be ‘salaam’ in Domariyaganj or ‘Jai Shri Ram’?”