TMC wins Siliguri, Gautam Deb will be the new mayor announced CM Mamata Banerjee

News Desk: After landslide victory in Siliguri Municipal Corporation Election, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday congratulated candidates and announced that Goutam Deb will be the next mayor of Siliguri.

In an interview, she said “Gautam Deb will be the new mayor of Siliguri. I am going to North Bengal. This visit is a happy one for me”.

Launching attack on the Left Front and BJP, she said “People have given their verdict. Most people of north Bengal had voted for BJP in the Assembly elections, but they have done nothing since then. They said the tea gardens will be opened but no step has been taken. The Left Front too did nothing for the region. We brought development”.

Talking about a common anti-BJP platform, she said “Congress will go its way, we will go ours. Most of the regional parties are not in favour of Congress. In some states they are sharing power but the allies are scared the government could fall any day. I approached both Congress and the Left Front for a common anti-BJP platform. But if they don’t come forward, what can I do?”

“I have spoken with the chief ministers of Telangana and Tamil Nadu. There is a sense of cooperation between us.  Any party which is in favour of secularism should come under the same platform. The ball is now in the Congress’s court” she added.

When asked about Yogi Adityanath’s remarks on West Bengal, she said “His words made it clear BJP is losing Uttar Pradesh”